We are a forward-thinking organization to anticipate future needs.

We are a younger company that has a lot of advantages (you don’t need to have to worry about me retiring before you retire).

We have different metrics focused on the impact that we can make.  We want to be where we are best leveraged to make the most difference to bring folks through transitions. We support you with having the confidence that you deserve by breaking the conversations down to relatable bite-sized pieces.
We aren’t charging AUM.
No discretion is taken on client investments. Changes happen as you approve them and initiate them.

The client gets professionals who are experienced in the areas that you need.
Supporting people through transitions is a lot more than simply working with the investments.

We address the whole person or family – whatever the client or the situation dictates.

You will be interacting with our office vs. just one person.

You get customer service, implementation and support specialists on our team, one-on-one coaching on our software, you get meetings that meet your needs in an efficient model. We are experienced in the areas that are required to get your implementation happening in the timeframe that we have to deliver.

know the information that we need to know to get it done technically.

Maxwell Wealth Planning can also you with all of your insurance strategies and solutions.