Our Process

Be heard, get clear, make a plan, execute the plan, then measure indicators, fine tune and monitor plan.

Part of what makes us unique is our process. We use evidence-based research to help you make the decisions that are best for you. First, we TRIAGE. Then we ASSEMBLE. Then we stress test your plan Run simulations – When I worked at PwC, we had the NBA as a client. It is a known fact that the majority of NBA players end up without a large amount saved away once they stop playing. Many of them get in trouble with investment scams, overspending, buying possessions based on anticipated success and only to have an injury set them back.

It was PwC’s opinion that Simulation was the future of learning. Questions we answer in our “simulation” process.

Which house do you buy? Which car? how much to save for a rainy day? How much to spend?

Video game “Rocksmith” teaches you guitar by allowing you to plug your (real) guitar into your Xbox. You learn by seeing, hearing, and both positive and negative reinforcement. There is also a repetition component. This is about 15 times (nonacademic statistic) faster learning that occurs with the marriage of the efficiency of technology with the wisdom of a non-judgemental expert. Using both Rocksmith and a one on one instructor we got much better results than if people sit down with a music book and start learning scales.

Want to talk about a unique situation that is specific to you? That is where we excel. Because we only have a limited number of spaces on our program for any given rolling 12 month period we ensure that we have enough time to work together so that we can implement. Implementation is key to getting you the results that you want.

If you are a high information decision maker (you know who you are) or have been through or are preparing for a major life transition then we suggest you enroll in our Platinum Program. Also, if you have an extremely demanding work schedule and require meetings outside of normal business hours (M-F from 9-6pm MST) then we invite you to sign up for our platinum program as well.