Transition Planning for people who think Outside of the Box

Welcome to my financial advising firm.

My name is Neil. I’ve been a financial advisor since age 20. I enjoy putting my clients at ease and helping them achieve financial piece of mind so they can live life the way that they want to.

I have helped hundreds of families with over $1 million of net worth handle sudden money and transition into their new lives.

From the very second that you learn about money becoming available to you, the clock starts ticking. Your brain gets to work on all of the possibilities and often time, dollars and cents are allocated long before they are actually received by you. Too often the client is not the primary focus in a corporate relationship, so people find us looking for a more transparent and caring advisor.

Money can be complex

I am trained and experienced in Financial Planning, Transition Planning, Investments and Taxes. What I love about doing my job is that I get to interact with people one on one basis to help them solve for the practicalities of turning their dreams into reality. I am one of those people who can turn ideas into reality and I have the track record behind me to show it. If you are truly committed, we can fine tune your ideal life so that you can spend your time thinking and being as if money is just another resource you have available to help you achieve what you want to on this earth.

The relationship between you and your money is a complex one. Only through understanding this relationship will you be able to unleash the potential that is available to you.

I love to help clients achieve realities that money alone cannot achieve.

What makes us different?

We are sensitive to your communication preferences.

We are a boutique firm, in fact, if you call the office you will most likely get Sandra Maxwell who answers the phone and sets up appointments. You get a family firm, with access to all of the technology and expertise that a large firm can provide. We do this through leveraging technology where it counts and face to face meeting where they are most beneficial.

“You will never call a 1-800 number and sit on hold when we are on your team.”You might talk to a different member of our team, depending on the expertise required to help you with your tasks. For Example; Sandra holds some of the technology “walk through” calls and is best equipped to answer questions on some topics.

Meetings with Neil are scheduled out weeks in advance and we prefer to schedule out for the rest of the year so that everyone is on the same page. “Setting expectations is something that we do well for our clients. We also send you written records of important meetings and the outcomes of those meetings for your files and review.” Neil

“Our fixed fee schedule that makes sense for clients with over $1+ is very attractive with the more money you have. I think it also demonstrates our commitment to transparency and aligning ourselves with our clients.”

We enjoy helping people align their resources to support their overall goal achievement.

We are experienced with family and friend dynamics created by money.

We have tools and training to bring the best out of your situation.

We don’t make decisions about your money for you. This is a big deal because at the end of the day, whether you make the decision or you ask someone else to do it for you, you are the one that will have to deal with the consequences. We believe that your number one advantage is giving you the frame work of decision-making so that you can make the most educated decisions possible.

Our Experience:

We have big four accounting experience, Big Banking experience, Entrepreneurship and corporate training experience. We have seen many sides of the financial planning coin which allows us to add a lot of value for clients looking for a professional outsider to “look in.”

We are regulated by the state of Colorado and also by the CFP(R) board and while we don’t complete tax returns for clients, we do work closely with our client’s cohorts and other teams of advisors (if applicable). We are also a fiduciary advisor who by definition are held accountable for putting our client’s interest’s first. Here are some examples of the types of clients who benefit from our service the most:

Successful Individuals who have achieved success through innovation and determination, people who want to hear a second opinion, people who are open to new ideas of how to achieve their goals. Careers we find in this category are: CEO’s and Seasoned Business Professionals, Engineers and other professionals who have a specialized skill sets that keeps them “in demand” in their chosen industry

We balance out people’s planning experience based on their individual preferences and goals. An example of this is that we give client’s who are prominently left or right brained the specialized advice they need to get them the results that they want.

We often meet and interact with our client’s families, cohort, or other advisors (if applicable).

The Maxwell Financial System – we have developed a seven-step process to help you achieve your financial goals.

  1. We get to know you and your preferences, needs and desires.
  2. We pull everything together into one easy to use platform
  3. We identify GAPS
    1. in what you say you want vs what you really want (Most of us have something)
    2. We find “Red Flags”where we can make a difference immediately.
  4. We help you prioritize which decisions to make now, soon, and later.
  5. We help you identify obstacles that are getting in the way.
  6. We give you individualized advice on what to do, why, and how to do it.
  7. If invited we help you implement and monitor your financial lives one step at a time.

Here are some examples of how we simplify our client’s lives. We are easy to work with because we streamline your financial planning process into one easy to use software and we offer meetings via the telephone, go-to-meeting or in-person depending on the intent of our meeting. We Support the overall implementation process. Help you coordinate your investments to reach your goals and keep the control of the “timing” of when your money flows to you. Co-creating your ideal lifestyle, Giving you a step-by-step roadmap of what you need to do in order to get the results that you want, Creating efficiency by removing obstacles in the way of achieving your goals.

Our clients are looking for peace of mind, and most of our clients report having much less anxiety around money in general as a result of our work together.

Helping clients keep their amazing life while providing financial peace of mind.

About Neil

Neil has been in the financial advisor role helping clients for fourteen years. He became a Certified Financial Planning Practitioner(TM) in 2010 and an Enrolled Agent in 2014. Neil has a unique perspective since he has seen how different financial institutions deliver on their promises from the inside out. He worked at big banks, a “big four” consulting firm, and also at both regional and national brokerage houses. “Bringing all of these experiences together to help clients is an advantage we have”. Saving people time and increasing efficiency of financial decisions is what we are experts at. If invited, we will help you move through the stages of transition with process and support that will bring you transformational results. Our ideal client is time conscious, motivated to achieve results, coachable, courteous, and overall respectful in their interactions with most people.